Canna-Hub Business Communities

Rather than undertaking the massive challenge of obtaining local zoning approval on a one-off basis for individual licensees, Tim envisioned a single location that could serve as the home for numerous cannabis licensees of all types, or a cannabis hub. A Canna-Hub Business Community provides a symbiotic environment of licensed cannabis operators and strong relationship between the operators and the host city. The Canna-Hub business model allows licensees to move quickly through the construction phase to become operational, offers real cost saving synergies through the proximity to other interdependent licensees, and establishes the lowest local permitting fees in the state. At the same time, the host city is a very willing and accommodating partner given the job creation and general economic stimulus, and with all cannabis related business activity confined to a single and secure location, compliance monitoring by both state and local authorities is easier and more effective.

Canna-Hub Communities Image

We are excited about the many opportunities a Canna-Hub Business Community has to offer to all participants in California’s legal cannabis market. Contact us today to learn more about how to become a member of our Community.