The legal cannabis market in California is changing rapidly and poised for explosive growth. The new regulations will result in a much safer environment for all participants in the industry, as well as for all California citizens. Forward thinking cities that embrace the new environment and allow regulated operators to establish their businesses in their towns will be able to participate in the financial gains to be made. Any town that sits on the sidelines while the market grows around them will be missing out on significant revenue and local job opportunities.

Under the Canna-Hub model, a host city will not just be able to participate in this exploding market, but it can do so in the safest and most controllable manner, with scale to maximize the benefits.

Please review all of the following great benefits that your town can realize with a Canna-Hub Business Community. If you are a member of your town’s city council or involved in any way in the government of your community, or if you are simply a concerned citizen that would like your town to consider the possibility of hosting our next Canna-Hub site, please complete the form below.