Cities and Municipalities


New 2018 California State Regulations

The legal cannabis market in California is changing rapidly and poised for explosive growth

Safer Environments

While previously the State of California allowed medicinal marijuana, there were minimal regulations in place. Having clearly-defined regulations will result in a much safer environment for all participants in the industry, as well as for all California citizens.

Investing in Our Future

Forward thinking cities that embrace a new environment and allow regulated operators to establish businesses in their towns will reap financial gain while the market grows. The growing cannabis market will bring significant revenue and local job opportunities.

Canna-Hub Business Model

Under the Canna-Hub model, a host city will be able to participate in this exploding market in the safest and most controlled manner. Our ability to scale our communities will allow cities to maximize the financial benefits ideal for each community.

Benefits to Becoming a Host City

A Canna-Hub Business Community will bring hundreds of year-round jobs. The exact number will be dependent upon the size of the Canna-Hub site and the mix of operators, but we expect that a 40 acre site will generate in excess of 500 jobs.

There is also a wide variety of jobs ranging from growers and trimmers, to management, as well as highly skilled jobs required for lab testing, extraction, and manufacturing. Many of these jobs are above minimum wage, and there is very little seasonality.

Operators can be incentivized to hire locally, but there will certainly be the need for employees from outside your town. These people will also bring new economic stimulus to your town as well.

Canna-Hub will become an economic engine for your town that will reap benefits for years to come.

The daily flow of hundreds of employees to a single work location will generate significant new business in your town at restaurants, bars, gas stations and all other retailers, all of which will generate higher sales tax revenue. Many of the workers will be coming from surrounding towns and will be contributing to your town’s economy.

Additionally, the unemployment rate in your town should decrease, giving your residents more spending power, and there will likely be some employees seeking to live in your town, giving a boost to the local housing market.

The ability to issue local licenses or permits to operators can provide your town with a significant recurring revenue stream while ensuring that the operators in your city follow all state regulations and any additional requirements that your community decides to implement.

The management of Canna-Hub can serve as your monitor of the businesses to bill and collect all licensing fees, and to assist in monitoring compliance of your local requirements.

Under the Canna-Hub model, with many operators in a single location, your town is able to charge fees that are reasonable to allow businesses to compete while generating substantial revenues for your town.

Canna-Hub City Requirements

In order to be considered as a possible Canna-Hub site, your city council and other relevant government officials must be supportive of the concept.

You must also be able to identify at least 30 acres of raw land within your city limits, suitable for this purpose.

Suitable property must be in an area approved by your town and its citizens as an acceptable location. Basic utilities such as water, sewer and power must be within a reasonably distance.

Interested city representatives can fill out the form below for more information on becoming a Canna-Hub host city.