Work Among the Most Sophisticated Players in the Industry

Have you operated in a regulated environment before? Do you have a solid track record? Do you want to enjoy the economic benefits and synergies of a Canna-Hub community? Then we want you.

Service or Supply Vendor

In addition to cultivation, nursery, manufacturing, distribution, transport and dispensary licensees, Canna-Hub communities will also include cannabis industry service providers like tissue culture, financial services, and grow supply companies. Industry vendors will benefit from proximity to and synergies with all of the above community members.


Canna-Hub welcomes all sizes of indoor and mixed light licensees. The lowest local permitting fees in the state provide Canna-Hub cultivators a distinct competitive advantage over fellow-growers. Also save on testing and distribution by walking your product to those service providers located within the same Canna-Hub location.


Both Type 6 licenses (no volatile solvents) and Type 7 licenses (using volatile solvents) are welcome in the Canna-Hub development. The proximity to multiple growers within the business park provides a constant stream of raw material with minimal transportation costs.


Type 8 Testing licensees are welcome. With a heavy concentration of cultivator customers nearby, generating new customer leads has never been easier.

Distribution / Transportation

Type 11 and Type 12 licensees are welcome. Every cultivator and manufacturer within a Canna-Hub park will need some level of service from Distributors and Transporters. Locating within a Canna-Hub park offers a unique opportunity for growth.

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We are excited about the many opportunities a Canna-Hub Business Community has to offer to all participants in California’s legal cannabis market. Contact us today to learn more about how to become a member of our Community.

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