Construction / Development

Available Immediately

100,000+ SF of Retrofit Space for Cannabis Operators

Maximizing Existing Facilities

Canna-Hub recognizes that not all licensees have the time, resources, or desire to construct a new facility of their own. That is why we are always searching for existing industrial facilities that are appropriate for conversion into cannabis operations.


When we find a suitable location, we utilize our long history and experience in working with local government authorities to ensure that such a facility would be welcome in their town and to negotiate the best possible permitting fees for all parties. For any licensee focused on speed to market, a Canna-Hub Retrofit is a perfect solution.

Under Construction

80 Acres Under Development or Coming Soon

Pre-Zoned Cannabis Facilities

In addition to our existing industrial facilities, we offer pre-zoned and ready-to-build units ideal for customization. We offer construction services to deliver your unit vanilla-box or fully operational.

Now Leasing

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